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Examtemple JAMB expo Day3 Midnight Expos.

 Due to some complications, time wasting and difficulties experienced in extracting questions on Jamb database and also issues like the tight schedule or lateness of Jamb officials and unavailability of Jamb server equipments  to be used and some not functioning properly in our Jamb CBT center which will take us time to get it available or changed. And we won't like to disappoint you our amazing subscriber.

 Day 3 also won't subscribers won't be receiving expos today. But marks will be added to there scores immediately they submit.

Njamb subscribers will be having nothing less than 230+ while Ejamb will be having nothing less than 280+.

This is for Day 3 only. As from Day 3 subscribers will be receiving expos because by then every equipments will be available and tested properly and all glitches would have been solved!

N:B: Immediately you submit we will be notified so don't panic!

That's the best solution so far to tackle time wasting. Extracting and sending out expos will take us much alot of time and before we will done your exam time will be near or by then you might be in the examination hall.

Thanks for your understanding and good luck on your exam.

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